Roof Coating


Life Commercial Roofing is a full-service provider for all commercial roofing needs. One core specialization is “roof restoration” – a process that extends the lifespan of an old, aging roof. It uses advanced reflective, emissive products to accomplish this purpose.

The end result is a rejuvenated, reflective roof that will look and perform as if it were brand new! The restored roof is waterproof, durable, and cost-efficient. It could pay for itself in a number of years with energy cost savings!

We can perform an on-site roof evaluation, examine your roof’s condition, and determine its viability for a roof restoration system.

Commercial Roof Coating Services

Commercial roof inspections

Leak detection & repairs


Flat roof restoration

Metal roof restoration

Rubber roof restoration

Elastomeric roof coatings

Energy-efficient roofing

Roof Coating Benefits

New barrier is seamless & waterproof

Roof’s life can be extended for years

Resists UV damage, storms, fire & more

Quality durability & tensile strength

Expands & contracts with temperature variances

Reflects sun rays off of the building, creating an annual utility cost savings of 15% or more

Avoid time & cost demands of replacement

Can easily be recoated

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