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Life Roofing Company has the experience and training necessary to deliver high-quality residential roofing solutions that you need, on time and on budget.

Our trained professionals will work with you to identify the product that best meets your needs. Additionally, you will gain peace of mind knowing that all the products we install carry manufacturer’s warranty coverage in addition to our own workmanship guarantees. You can rest assured your choice will keep you worry-free for years to come.

We replace and repair all types of residential roofing systems, including Asphalt Shingles, Metal Roofing, Membrane Roofing and much more. Below are some helpful guidelines to consider when making your decisions about your residential roofing project.

What to Expect with a Roofing Replacement?

Choose a Material & Budget

We can provide various samples of roofing materials for your consideration based on your needs and budget preferences. Some commonly chosen materials include the asphalt shingles, which are installed on more that 70% of all residential homes in the US.

We work closely with our distributors to ensure you get the best product pricing available for the highest quality materials. With pricing at it’s best, you are free to choose the products that best fit your needs.

The Roof Replacement Process

Protecting your Property

Our repair and replacement crews always take care when working at your property, but removing a roof is a loud and messy business, no matter what precautions are taken. To minimize our impact during the repair or replacement process, we do our best to protect any landscaping, decks and other areas around your home using tarps and other cover. However, it is always best practice to move your items when you can, such as deck furniture, grills and other things easily relocated to safer ground.

Roof Removal

To ensure the best possible outcome for your roof replacement, all original roofing material must be removed. Many manufacturers do not allow any warranty coverage for roofing systems installed over old roof surfaces. We take everything off down to your wood deck surface.

Decking Inspection

Once the existing material has been removed, we must ensure the wood decking on which the new roof will be installed is intact. Any areas where the wood has been compromised must be replaced. This ensures the integrity of your roof system by providing a smooth surface for the shingles to lay on and self-adhere. This guarantees the manufacturer’s warranty coverage and allows an overall sound structure to protect your home.

Moisture Barriers & roofing underlayment are Installed

Over the sound deck, underlayment is installed. This product can vary based on the style and brand of shingles you have chosen. Some manufacturers require the use of a specific underlayment from their brand, which varies based on the type of shingles you have chosen. In addition to underlayment, a moisture barrier is installed, also called “ice & water shield”, to protect eaves and other areas from damage. Once this is complete, the shingles are ready to be installed.

New Roof Installation

Shingles begin with a first course, known as the “starter strips”. These are always installed first, to guide the installation of the remaining shingles. Shingles are installed from the bottom up, ending with the installation of specially designed ridge cap shingles, to finish the system. Many homes also have ventilation installed, such as ridge vent, soffit vents and eave vents. These are necessary to allow your home to properly “breathe”.

Finishing Touches Are Added

Often homes have additional components installed, such as drip edge, chimney caps, gutters or other items. We will ensure your roof system is complete and all items installed to manufacturer’s specifications.

Your Property Is Cleaned

Each day, your jobsite is left clean and weather tight. When the job is finished, we magnetically sweep your property to catch any stray nails or caps.

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